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Dr. Schiable“Thank you for the totally painless operation that removed my cataract and brought my vision back to normal. I cannot praise you, your staff and St. Lucy’s enough. White is again white and not yellowish. WOW! I did not realize what I was missing. I can see again.” Lee S.

“Early in life I learned several principals that have helped guide me through my walk here on earth. One of which says; Whatever you do, do it with dignity, honor and respect. In addition to demonstrating that principal, the entire staff at Community Eye Center/St. Lucy’s has displayed the highest level of competence, professionalism, compassion and courtesy that I have experienced in many, many years. Another principal I’ve learned tells me; Render honor where honor is due. Therefore: in the current climate of corporate greed and employee lethargy, Community Eye Center/St. Lucy’s and staff has risen so far above that condition so as to be honored with the highest acclaim possible to bestow. Thank you again for restoring my sight to the best that it can be.” Homer J.

“Been a patient for many years. The nurses and Dr. Batzer went out of their way to reassure me not to be so nervous.” Tonja S.

“I am thrilled with everything about my experience and I love Dr. Spadafora. Several people told me to go nowhere else. The staff was so caring and gentle.”

“Everything was very organized and the people were thoughtful and friendly. I came to St. Lucy’s because it is well known and their advertising. I have been with Community Eye Center for years and see Dr. Batzer. Dr. Schaible is great!” Rita F.

“I liked the quickness of the service and professionalism of the nursing staff.” Ronald S.